Reaction to Mickey Mouse Monopoly

Growing up, I would continuously watch multiple Disney moviesĀ for the amazing plots, soundtracks, characters, and magic. I never thought to try and analyze each movie and find out its true hidden meaning. I’m not going to lie, I do wish that my mind was still innocent and oblivious to Disney’s hidden meanings and messages.

Disney has a tendency to hide its “not so nice” beliefs behind the lovable characters and magic we all know and love. No one believes that sweet ol’ Mickey Mouse is actually capable of destruction at first glance. No one really realizes how much power that one little mouse has and is capable of.

The Disney Corporation pretty much owns everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! If you think of a company or thing, Disney owns the rights to it. They own and have business deals with over thousands of companies. They just keep expanding and expanding. The thing is, Disney isn’t all that open with the public on what companies they own and don’t own, which I think is really smart, business wise. In all honesty, I just thought Disney owned one, maybe two, hundred companies at the most.

I always knew that certain brands and companies sue others for the use of their logos and references without permission, but I never realized how strict and fast Disney is to sue. It’s no wonder the only Disney things I see are Disney. Looking back, I never see Mickey Mouse, his friends, or the Disney Princesses anywhere else BUT Disney! In the video, an author who was trying to “expose” Disney couldn’t use any Disney names or pictures for fear of being sued. There was one page in the book that said something along the lines of “this was supposed to be a picture of Cinderella’s Castle, but we couldn’t post it due to copyright reasons.

My childhood was slightly ruined when the video talked about gender roles portrayed in Disney films. They showed the women as weak, helpless, damsels in distress that needed a man to save them. They portrayed women as people who loved to clean, talk to animals and change themselves for a man. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel had to rely on her body to get Prince Eric because her voice,the one thing that TRULY matters, was gone. When they got to Mulan, I was really excited at first because I always loved that movie due to Mulan being tough and independent and proving all the men wrong because she saved China on her own. Apparently at the end, the clip I saw in class said that Mulan goes back to her “girl” ways as if nothing ever happened and as if she didn’t just kick the Huns’s butt! I personally didn’t see what the clip was talking about. I thought she was praised by her family and looked as if she was treated a little differently.

Overall, I enjoyed the clip that was shown in class because it opened my eyes to what’s really going on with Disney and it was something I could relate to since I grew up with all things Disney.